Defining the UI

The main feature we want for the rewriting tool UI it’s to be example driven. Two very similar examples:

Option 1 – All in the same view


Option 2 – A tabed view



Option 3 – A 3-Column layout

Screenshot from 2013-06-14 21:57:42

We also want to be possible:

  • select a method and drop into the example text editor.
  • manipulate the ASTs nodes in the text editor to make simple define transformations and matching.
  • highlight the matched parts from the example.
  • select scopes to apply the rule.
  • preview the changes.
  • show the transformation in the example expression.
  • modify an expression throw the example or writing the pattern.
  • output the smalltalk valid code that produces the effect we see in the example.

2 thoughts on “Defining the UI

  1. How are you gonna write the UI? Spec, Glamour? Maybe you can include in the path a nice tutorial of the tool you use for newbies.

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